Before we got pregnant, we thought after the delivery we’d just get one nice tidy bill from the hospital. Easy peasy, set up a payment plan, enjoy our automatic payments from afar.

Boy, were we wrong.

We’re paying more than a dozen different accounts for Ben’s delivery, my surgery, my complications, ER visits, and Ben’s NICU care (which totaled to more than we paid for our house). Each doctor, each blood draw, each treatment a separate bill with different account numbers and statements and it ALL HAPPENED ON ONE FLOOR OF THE HOSPITAL. So why do I have 20 bills?!

In all seriousness,  within our failing healthcare system, billing might be the worst part of it. That is the distilled essence of what is wrong with healthcare in America, why people hesitate to get care, and why people bankrupt after. Because there’s no way to know what billing will be like and it’s scary as fuck.

When you have PPDA or other mood disorders, this is additionally hard to do. It’s why I’ve made my husband primarily responsible for organizing and dealing with our medical bills (which he TOTALLY has time for while he’s trying to do his regular full time job /sarcasm). For quite some time, I literally couldn’t deal with talking to those people. People who lack training, who are limited to their script, who have no power to truly help someone, as much as they might want to.

We continue to experience ‘complications’ to our already traumatic delivery in attempting to pay for it.

Monetary complications.
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