Ben is playing independently with a burp rag in his swing. It’s just short of 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I am dressed, made up, and have been out of the house with him at 10 this morning. He slept through the furnace guy repairing our fan, and I’ve resolved at least 4 important phone calls.

I just got the news that I’ve been accepted as a caregiver at our local rec center, just a few hours of watching a few little ones while their parents get in a workout. And I can take Ben with me. Maybe I’ll even leave him with the next shift for a little while and get in a workout of my own.

I have three weeks left in the Healthy Expectations program, and all my caregivers are positive I’m doing fantastic. I’m pretty positive I’m doing fantastic.

I feel like I’ve finally come back to myself. I know there will still be hard days, hard times ahead, challenges and blessings both, but I’m ready for all of them. I’m ready.

And finally…
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