When my anxiety is getting the best of me, it can feel like I’ve accomplished nothing despite working hard all day. I often feel like I’m doing so much, but so few things are getting checked off my to do list. And there’s nothing I love better than crossing items off a list, let me tell you.

So I learned a different way. This helps on those days when I feel unsettled, behind, and underachieving. I make a list of the things I did accomplish. And it’s usually far more substantial than what my anxiety would have me believe. For example, today I…

Slept in.

Took a load of items to ARC

Saw my parents off from their visit this weekend

Cleaned the kitchen counters

Cleaned the dining table

Cleaned the stovetop

Did all the delicates washing

Put away all the delicates

Washed all the baby’s clothes

Dusted the baby’s room

Planned this week’s menu

Deposited checks (thank you mobile technology)

Put away linens

Cleaned both guest bathrooms

And… wrote this post.


See? And that doesn’t even include the normal day-to-day items like feeding my family, picking up, or any of the playing we did today as a family. Sometimes it’s enlightening to really look back at what you have accomplished. I hope it will bring you a sense of calm.

There’s this list…
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